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I am an agency owner at the lowest level of GA but I also have an upline with an MGA, SGA, and FMO. In order to use SureLC for my agents and the contracting process do I need to have each upline setup for SureLC as well? I don't really know how to word it correctly but this is a wonderful resource for contracting and keeping track of so many things and I would love to implement it into my agency but if the upline must also be setup it probably will not work for us. Thank you for your help.

Joshua McClure

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Thanks Joshua for your inquiry. The reality is that most all of the nearly 600 agency clients work with an upline between themselves and one or more carriers.

Please review the article entitled "Can I still use SureLC if I run my business through an up-line?" here:

Also, feel free to review additional information for prospective agency clients here:

To speak with someone in our sales department, feel free to call us at 877-264-6888.

Brian Morton

Anatole T.
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