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Reporting for Sub-agencies

Currently the reporting function is only available for our main account. Our sub-agencies have been requesting access to report on their agencies: What agents have been added and when, Who has requested appointments, who is contracted where (summary report).

Can we have this added for them?

John Gourdin

Official comment


Currently, reporting functionality is limited to Agency Admins and not Sub-Agencies. We look to expand reporting functionality in the near future.

Please note that the ability to have email notices sent to the Sub-Agency is available when one of their producers registers as a new user. Details are available here: or you can email us at support [at] surancebay [dot] com and someone from our team will be happy to assist on this aspect of the request.

Anatole T.

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Can you provide current status of this request?

We are interested in allowing them access to the reports currently offered at the agency level:

Contract Status / Error & Omissions Expiration / AML Expiration / Appointment by Producer / Producer List

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