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Change Affiliations

We have numerous sub-groups who run contract requests through our SureLC system for processing.  Each sub-group has been set up as an affiliation as a way for us to know which group the agent should be contracted under.  We've discovered an issue where agents are working with multiple affiliations; however, we are unable to see which affiliation link the agent actually used to request the new contract(s).  Currently, SureLC doesn't change the affiliation based on which link was used and there is nothing on the appointment request indicating which affiliation link was requested.  Unfortunately, as agents are logging in to SureLC, they aren't seeing the affiliation or don't realize it is causing issues if their 'other' group's name is listed.  Ideally, we would like a setting where we could either allow or disable the ability for an affiliation to be automatically changed when an agent logs in to our environment with an affiliation link other than what is on their profile. 

Misty Lincoln

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