How to Add/Remove a License Record Manually

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How to manually ADD a License record:

At this time, only Agency Workers can manually add a license to a producer's profile. Producers do not have this functionality. When logged into their profile, they will not see the Add button on their Licenses Tab. 

Infrequently, you may need to manually add state license information to either a producer's profile or a business entity's profile. Review our posting on How Often is License Information Updated from NIPR to SureLC.

SuranceBay realizes that from a timing standpoint, you may not be able to wait for updates from NIPR to SureLC.  Use the following steps to manually update license information in SureLC.


Step 1

From the Producer's Licenses tab, click Add Manually.



Step 2

  • Select License State
  • Upload a copy of the state license for the producer.
    • If you have already uploaded the license to the producer's Documents tab, it will be available in 'Select from Uploaded Documents'. 
    • CLICK HERE for information on how to obtain a license copy.




Step 3

  • The uploaded License copy is populated on the right side of the screen in Document Preview.
  • After entering the required information, click SAVE at the bottom of the page.



Step 4

Repeat steps 1 - 3 for each state license you are adding manually to the Producer's SureLC record.

After following the steps above, you can process appointment requests for the Producer for the newly entered states with your carrier partners.


Step 5

If you need to manually update a Business Entity's License Records, follow steps 1- 3 by selecting Firms instead of Producers.




How to REMOVE a License record that was manually added:

Only License records that have been manually added to a profile can be REMOVED. 

PLEASE NOTE: Any license records that have been retrieved through NIPR but are no longer active will be maintained in an expired status on the profile.


Step 1

From the Producer's Licenses tab, locate the manually added license and click the Trash icon within the license card you want to remove.


Icon_Info.png The info indicates this License card was manually uploaded to the SureLC profile. Its status is not verified by the National Producer Database, and will not be automatically updated with status changes.

Icon_NIPR.png The NIPR logo indicates License card is retrieved from and maintained by the National Insurance Producer Registry (NIPR) and cannot be edited.




Step 2

Confirm that you want to delete the license by selecting YES




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