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1000+ BGA's and 500,000+ insurance producers have benefitted from using our multi-carrier contracting automation system, SureLC. As the premier software solution provider to independent insurance distribution partners (including carriers, BGA's, and producers), SuranceBay is asked how SureLC handles and supports producers working with multiple BGA clients. The posting provides information and answers frequently asked questions (FAQs).



SuranceBay's mission is to streamline and automate the different processes involved with buying and selling insurance. Producers can choose to work with multiple agencies that subscribe to SureLC. Once  registered with their first agency, producers only need to setup their complete profile once, as most of the required information they will have to add to their profile will be shared across all of their profiles.  Producers must register with each agency that they will be working with and will have a SureLC profile under each agency account. This eliminates the redundancy of producers having to re-enter the same information when working with multiple agencies. There are a couple of exceptions where information is not shared between agencies which are described below. 



Most of the information shown in the producer profile is shared with ALL of the agencies that the producer works with.  Let's look at the "Tabs" within the producer profile.  The information requested on each tab is unique and specific to the producer, for this example Rhonda Jenkins.  



For example, answers to the producer's background questions are independent of their relationship with any BGA client. Likewise, producer's state licenses are between the producer and the corresponding state DOI and are not related to their relationship with any SuranceBay BGA client. 

When a producer chooses to work with multipe agencies, the following profile information is shared across ALL of their profiles: 

Profile - Producer contact information (name, address, email, NPN, driver's license, etc.).  

Questions - Background questions, answers, and explanations. 

Licenses - Active State license infomation. 

FINRA - CRD # & Brokercheck information.  

EFT - Banking Information. 

History - Last 5 years of employment & residential history. 

Training - Completed training information (AML, Annuity, LTC, AHIP, etc.). 

E&O - Individual Errors & Omissions insurance policy information. 

Signature - Signed SuranceBay signature authorization form. 

Documents - Document repository listing all of the documents added to their profile (active & archived).   



1) The primary exception to sharing the producer's profile information across multiple BGA clients is the information found within their DBA Tab. ALL information within the producer's DBA Tab is specific and unique to the producer's relationship with each BGA client. This information has to be setup within each profile and is NOT shared between agencies. Additional exceptions are listed below. 

RJ DBA tab.png

Please Note: Any details listed in the DBA Tab for the producer are transferred to carrier contracting PDF forms. 

2) E&O Tab - Group E&O policy information is not shared and is only available for the contracts/relationships of the agency that added the policy. 

3) EFT Tab - The EFT tab is omitted from the producer profile when their "Doing Business As" designation  (setup on the DBA tab) is setup as a license-only agent.  

4) Contracting Requests - Contract submissions sent from the producer to the agency or created or processed by one BGA are NOT visible to other BGAs or Carriers. Contracting requests are specific to the producer/BGA relationship and are not shared across BGA subscribers or producer profiles.

5) Contracts Tab - Active & Terminated contracts shown on the Contracts tab within the producer profile are not shared between BGA's. These tabs will only show contracts marked completed or terminated under specific producer/BGA relationships. However, please note that if carrier contract information is available within NIPR's PDB report for the producer, limited carrier contract information may be shown on the NIPR State Appts tab which is shared across producer profiles and with all of the BGA's the producer works with. Contracts listed here were created outside of the subscriber BGA's account. 

NIPR State Appts.png



Producers must use your agency's dedicated SureLC custom link to register for and to access their profile under your agency (or login via your company website when using SSO/Single-Sign-On). Additionally, the user id email can be the same or different for all of the producer profiles, but the password MUST be unique for each BGA relationship. CLICK HERE for more information about producer logins. The BGA info shown on the top right will be unique for each for each agency.  

Login Page.png

Please note: When a producer registers for a new SureLC profile, the email provided will be setup as both their contact email and user id email. The user id email is specific to each agency account which can be the same or different. When updating the user id for one profile it will not update the producer's user id under any other BGA's. However, when the producer updates their contact email on the Profile page, the contact email will be updated across all of their profiles.  



Q1. Does my agency have to pay the NIPR fee if the producer is already associated with another BGA, but gets added to my agency's SureLC account?

A1. Yes, SureLC still has to pull a separate PDB® Report from NIPR® which SuranceBay gets charged for so the fee still applies. 

Q2. Does the producer need to create a new account by clicking on the "Register New Account" button on my agency's dedicated SureLC custom link page if they've already created a profile with another BGA client?

A2. Yes. 

Q3. Can the producer use the same email address & password that they previously used when setting up their account with another BGA client of SuranceBay's?

A3. The combination of the user id email & password must be unique. The producer can use the same email address for the user id for multiple accounts, but the passwords must be unique for each account.  

Q4. My producer is trying to enter their login credentials, but they are getting a message indicating that their credentials don't match. Can you help?

A4. This message occurs when the producer already has login credentials to SureLC through a different BGA relationship but the producer is attempting to use your agency's dedicated SureLC URL. This message indicates that the producer is attempting to access their record associated with your Agency's dedicated SureLC account but either has not yet registered themselves or is entering the wrong login credentials. Our recommendation is to Verify that the producer is active within your SureLC account. If you can't see the producer within your SureLC account tell the producer to click on the "Register New Account" button and follow the registration steps because the producer has not yet registered with your agency. If you can see the producer within your SureLC account, this means that the producer is entering login credentials associated with another agency. Remember, producer login credentials are unique for the producer's relationship with each agency. Otherwise, make sure the producer is using the correct custom link (web address for your agency) and ask the producer to click on the "Forgot Password" button. From time to time producers may try to login from but that web address is used for agency admins only. 

Q5. Where can I get more information to share with our producers about registering and logging in?

A5. We have multiple postings/tutorials on this:


If you have any additional questions about the information shared between agencies or profiles please contact the SuranceBay support team. Email to submit a ticket or call us at 877-264-6888. 


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