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This article provides an overview of the SureLC for Producers application.  After logging in to the application directly or through Single Sign-On (SSO) from their agency, producers are first taken to the My Profile/Contact Info page.  The navigation menu on the left allows producers to access the various pages that make up their SureLC profile and perform other actions, such as creating new carrier contracting requests.


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Navigation Menu


The menu comprises two main sections, My Profile and Contracting, plus the Utils & Help & Support pages.  My Profile and its related pages contain personal information about the producer, background information, banking info, licenses, and more.

The Contracting section at the bottom of the menu is where producers can submit new contracting requests, check the status of outstanding requests, and view any existing carrier contracts.  Please refer to the table below for more information about each page.

Select Utils to check for E-App integrations which are accessible from SureLC.  

Go to the Help & Support page to learn more about how to use your SureLC profile. 


Please note: Producers should review the information shown on ALL of the pages in their SureLC profile to verify the information is correct and up to date.  Failure to do so may result in delays or rejection of contracting requests.


Contact Info Snip.png The Contact Info page is the starting point when producers log in to SureLC. The producer's last name, SSN, NPN, and DOB are imported directly from the producer's PDB report at NIPR and are not editable.
s4p_overview_-_doingbusinessas.png The Doing Business As page specifies the producer's DBA type. This setting determines which forms are required for new carrier contracting requests and how producer commissions will be paid. Click Here for more information about the Doing Business As page.
s4p_overview_-_firm.png The Firm page only shows when the producer is doing business as a "Business Entity." It shows the Firm's information specified on the Doing Business As page.
s4p_overview_-_bankinfo.png The producer's banking information is added on the Bank Info page. Bank routing and account numbers MUST be added for producers who are doing business as Individuals or Business Entities. Please note that for License-Only Agents (aka 'Solicitors'), this page will not be shown.
s4p_overview_-_licenses.png The Licenses page shows the producer's state licenses by status (Active or Inactive). This information is imported from NIPR and updated regularly. Producers may purchase or renew state licenses right from SureLC! Click here for more info. 
s4p_overview_-_finra.png The FINRA page is where a producer indicates whether they are a registered representative with FINRA or not. If yes, SureLC will attempt to automatically import their CRD#, Broker Dealer information, and other FINRA-related details such as State Registrations, Exams, Disclosures, etc.
s4p_overview_-_questions.png The Questions page contains some of the most common background questions carriers ask. Producers must answer ALL background questions before they can submit new carrier contract requests. ALL new carrier contract requests include background questions and answers when required. 
s4p_overview_-_history.png The History page is where producers can provide the last seven years of employment and resident address history. Please note this information is optional.
s4p_overview_-_cetraining.png The CE & Training page is where producers provide proof of current Anti-Money Laundering, Annuity State, LTC State, and AHIP Medicare training certification to agencies & carriers. Click Here for more information on how to use this page. 
s4p_overview_-_eoinsurance.png The E&O Insurance page is where producers add their existing E&O policy information or purchase new E&O coverage.
s4p_overview_-_signature.png Producers MUST review and sign SuranceBay's signature authorization form on the Signature page before creating new carrier contracting requests. Use this page to access the form and/or to create a digital signature on-screen.
s4p_overview_-_profiledocuments.png The Profile Documents page contains ALL the documents uploaded to the producer's profile. For example, AML certificates, E&O declaration pages, voided checks, signature authorizations, and more can be found here. Click Here for more details.
s4p_overview_-_contractingrequests.png The Contracting Requests page is where producers can create and submit new carrier contracting requests to their agency and/or check the status of outstanding requests. Click Here for more details.
s4p_overview_-_carriercontracts.png The Carrier Contracts page shows a producer's carrier contracts completed through SureLC. Click here for more details.
s4p_overview_-_helpsupport.png Visit the Help & Support page to see your agency's contact information and access support and training materials in SureLC's Help Center.



Profile and Contracting Notices

Certain information is required for a producer to create and submit a contracting request to their agency. SureLC displays yellow and/or red notices indicating what information is necessary when this information is missing. These appear as dots on the menu and as full-text notices on each relevant page.


s4p_overview_-_yellowdotmenu.png s4p_overview_-_yellowtext.png

Yellow dots/notices indicate which pages contain information necessary to submit contracting requests to the agency/carrier but will not prevent the producer from creating a request. Some of this information can be provided during the submission process.


s4p_overview_-_reddotmenu.png s4p_overview_-_redtext.png
Red dots/notices indicate which pages are missing information required BEFORE the producer can create a new contracting request.


Note: When the notice includes a FIX button, you can click on it to be taken to the page where you can add or correct the information.


User Menu

Click the circle in the top right corner of the application to open the User Menu.  This menu contains:

  • Information about the logged-in user
  • A link to Sign out of SureLC
  • The link to Account Settings where you can change your UserID and Password (if not using SSO from your agency)
  • Your agency's contact information



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