SuranceBay's Policy on L&C Forms

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An oversimplification of what SureLC does is take data, and apply it to PDF forms.  SuranceBay supports 550+ carriers and 5,000+ PDF forms that are currently used in production.  This article covers SuranceBay's Policy on Handling PDF Forms Requests to be included within SureLC.



SuranceBay is happy to add new carriers and their contracting forms to SureLC for your agency. In order for us to do so, it will require your agency to pay a custom development fee on a time & material basis. SuranceBay's normal rates are $200/hour for our services, but for existing SureLC clients, SuranceBay provides discounted rates of $100/hour.  On average, it takes SuranceBay five (5) billable hours to add a new carrier to SureLC.

Email with a copy of the carriers' contracting forms that you would like added to SureLC.  SuranceBay's Support Team will provide you an estimate of the time/cost it would take to add your new carrier request to SureLC.  Once a written authorization of fees is acknowledged, we'll submit an invoice.  Requests must be pre-paid.



SuranceBay does not charge for updating existing forms for existing carriers within SureLC. Simply email a copy of updated forms to and our Support Team will process your request, update SureLC, and notify you once your request is placed in production for your agency's use.



For 95% of these use-cases, where your agency requests that SuranceBay add NEW Carrier Contracting forms to an EXISTING carrier, your forms' requests will be added by SuranceBay's Support Team at no cost to your agency. For the most part, SuranceBay has most carriers' contracting forms already included within SureLC. However, there are instances where forms your agency needs for existing carriers are missing. Please forward these forms to and our Support Team will add these forms as quickly as possible.

Please note that if your agency requests SuranceBay to add Agency Specific Forms on a per-carrier basis, there will be a custom development fee charge.



SuranceBay includes within SureLC those forms on a per-carrier basis that are needed in order to contract your producers with the designated carrier. By default, SuranceBay does not include the following form types within SureLC:

  • Commission Schedules - By default, commission schedules are NOT included within SureLC. However, SuranceBay does include commission schedules ONLY IF they're required by the carrier in order to contract/appoint an agent (**Excluding Aetna Companies**). If a carrier does not require commission schedules to be included with contracting paperwork, then SuranceBay will not and does not include these form types as they're not necessary.
  • Agency Specific Transmittals/Forms Per Carrier - These form types are not included by default. Simply process contracting paperwork to yourself through SureLC, and upon receiving the merged.pdf file, feel free to add any additional forms that you want prior to submission to the carrier. If you would like your agency's specific forms included within SureLC on a per-carrier basis, than it will entail a custom development fee.
  • Appointment Fee Forms - By default, forms that authorize payment by the producer (via commissions, EFT, etc.) for state appointment fees are NOT included within SureLC. It's too easy for producers and/or agency administrators to select non-required appointment states within SureLC without realizing the financial implications it would cause should we include these form types as part of our standard process. If your agency would like to include Appointment Fee Forms, email with a copy of the appointment fee form(s) on a per-carrier basis, and SuranceBay will include them for you only after your agency's principal signs a release letter from SuranceBay absolving SuranceBay of any financial responsibility related to inadvertent appointment fees deducted from your producers' commissions or bank account. SuranceBay will provide this release letter to your agency for execution prior to SuranceBay including Appointment Fee Forms for your agency within SureLC.
  • Forms requesting Credit Card informationAll forms requesting credit card information will be excluded from SureLC.  Due to PCI compliance SuranceBay doesn't want to store or save credit card information.
  • Catch-All - Very broad section here, but SuranceBay is committed to streamlining the multi-carrier contracting process for agencies and their producers. SuranceBay reserves the right to include only forms within SureLC that are (A) required by the carrier, (B) approved to be included within SureLC by the carrier, or (C) approved by your agency for inclusion within SureLC. Contact if you have any questions. 


Many agencies who subscribe to SureLC have added their agency's custom forms as part of the SureLC process. This enables your producers to be able to complete, online, your Agency's specific agreements that you require producers to execute.

SuranceBay charges custom development fees of $100/hour to add your agency's specific forms to SureLC. Please submit copies of your agency's specific forms to for a quote.  Once a written authorization of fees is acknowledged, we'll submit an invoice.  Custom forms requests must be pre-paid prior to our team initiating the request. 

Please note that after initial implementation, SuranceBay will charge $100/hour for any update requests to your agency's custom forms. 

When your agency processes a request using agency-specific forms this is treated the same as processing of carrier contracting requests from a billing perspective.  If your agency is on a per-contract agreement the per-contract fee will be incurred for these requests.  It also counts towards any contract limits you may have if on a subscription plan.

Lastly, please note that producers will be required to review & confirm online, their signature to be applied to your agency's forms as the Signature Authorization page does NOT authorize the application of the producer's signature to your agency's specific forms, only to the carrier's contracting forms. For that reason, the producer must review and confirm their desire to apply their signature to your agency's specific forms.



SureLC is designed to auto-input data, signatures, etc. onto carrier contracting PDF forms. Occasionally, an agency will submit to a pre-filled or a pre-signed form that they want to be included within SureLC.

The most typical case is when a SureLC subscribing agency runs one or more of their carrier contracts through an upline agency, and the upline agency has provided a pre-signed or pre-filled PDF form for your usage.

SuranceBay will work to accommodate most of these requests, but in roughly 50% of the cases, this request type results in additional work to be done by SuranceBay's Support Team. If additional work needs to be done in order to code your requested forms, custom development fees will apply ($100/hour). Custom forms requests must be pre-paid prior to our team initiating the request. 



Q1. You mention a lot here about custom development fees of $100/hour. I thought by signing up with SuranceBay that I'd get any/every form I need to be auto-filled by the SureLC application. Why the extra charges?

A1. Great Question! First, we try to manage expectations, so many apologies if the thought process was that we'd include every form unconditionally without charges. Second, it takes a lot of time to code/map/include forms within SureLC. From a business perspective, it makes little financial sense for SuranceBay to spend 10 hours coding forms when they're used once or twice or never.


Q2. I'm interested in some statistics, can you give them to me?

A2. Sure thing. SuranceBay proudly mentioned above that we support 450+ carriers' contracting forms. The reality is that for 161 of the 450+ carriers supported within SureLC, there were less than 10 contracts processed per carrier in total (all agencies combined) between January 1st, 2014 and July 1st, 2014. Moreover, for 67 of the 161 carriers mentioned, there were absolutely ZERO contracts processed by any/all of SuranceBay's agency clients. It makes little financial sense to spend/invest time mapping/coding forms that are used very infrequently. SuranceBay likes to do work that supports our clients, rather than doing work just for the sake of doing work.


Q3. My agency works with a carrier that SuranceBay doesn't have, and I do a lot of contracting with them. Can you please add them for me?

A3. SuranceBay is happy to add new carriers' contracting forms to SureLC. However, SuranceBay will charge your agency to add these forms. Please CLICK HERE to see our policy on adding new carriers to SureLC. There will be no exceptions.


Q4. Ok, I get it. I have to pay to add new carriers and their forms to SureLC. Once I've paid the fees, do I have to pay when the carrier updates their forms?

A4. No. Once added to SureLC, SuranceBay will update carriers' forms within SureLC. Please CLICK HERE to see our policy on updating existing carriers within SureLC, and be sure to submit updated forms to


Q5. What about Property & Casualty (P&C) Carriers? Does SuranceBay support inclusion of these carriers' contracting forms?

A5. Adding these carriers to SureLC is something that SuranceBay is happy to do, but these requests will fall under the guidelines of adding new carriers to SureLC.


Q6. Which Carriers does SuranceBay currently support? 

A6. CLICK HERE to view the posting on currently supported carriers within SureLC.  



Additional Questions? Please email and someone from our Support Team will be happy to respond back to you.



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